Vodafone Ireland Launch Vodafone Care with EIP Core & Web Platforms
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November 2, 2020

Vodafone Ireland Launch Vodafone Care with EIP Core and Web Platforms

Vodafone Ireland has announced the launch of Vodafone Care in partnership with EIP. Vodafone Care provides the first E2E digital insurance products to the Irish market. It’s now even easier for Vodafone customers to add mobile device cover to their plan. Learn more about the Vodafone Group’s partnership with EIP.

We’re proud to continue helping Vodafone to drive forward its mobile device insurance solutions and we’re excited about the launch of these products into more new markets. We’ve been working with the global Vodafone Group since 2008. This launch from Vodafone Ireland is the latest rollout of our innovative digital insurance solutions into new regions.

Vodafone Care and Vodafone’s partnership with EIP

Using both EIP Core and EIP Web digital insurance platforms, Vodafone customers can manage their insurance policies, make claims and get them assessed, all online and without needing to speak to an advisor. EIP’s intelligent automated claims solutions make this possible.

Vodafone Ireland joins Vodafone Spain, Italy and Romania as the fourth market in the mobile Group to launch Vodafone Care with EIP’s market-leading InsurTech platforms.

EIP Core and EIP Web solutions

How do EIP’s InsurTech solutions work? Well, EIP Core offers end-to-end insurance scheme management for providers, all in one platform. EIP Web is a self-service insurance web portal provided to customers, enabling them to manage all their device plan needs online. The software includes automated claims decisioning, streamlining the insurance claims experience.

Get more info on EIP Core, our flagship InsurTech platform.

Find out what EIP Web does and how our self-service insurance web portal works.

Thoughts from Vodafone Ireland on the new product launch with EIP

Anita Carra, the Consumer Director at Vodafone Ireland, said the following about the exciting insurance product launch, powered by EIPs InsurTech software:

“We’re delighted to bring Vodafone Care to the Irish market to ensure our customers remain connected and protected against all eventualities. Vodafone continuously innovates to meet our customers ever-changing needs and demands. We designed Vodafone Care with the customer in mind.”

Learn more about Vodafone Care

You can read the official Vodafone Ireland Press Release here to find out more about Vodafone Care, the partnership with EIP and how our InsurTech solutions simplify the mobile device insurance claims process for Vodafone Ireland customers.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of our innovative InsurTech software, why not head to the EIP homepage? See the range of digital insurance solutions EIP has to offer for mobile device insurers. Learn why the world’s leading Telecoms operators trust our solutions.


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