EIP CEO Ross Sinclair Featured in Business Reporter: The Future of Insurance
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November 5, 2021

EIP CEO Ross Sinclair speaks to Business Reporter: The Future of Insurance

In the ‘Future of Insurance’ report by Business Reporter, EIP’s CEO Ross Sinclair and Rachel Hicks discuss how EIP are designing InsurTech solutions from ‘the customer up’, what EIP are doing to transform the industry through digital-first solutions, and the benefits traditional insurance companies can expect from embracing InsurTech innovation.

Designing InsurTech from ‘the customer up’: a win-win for the insurer and the customer

With traditional insurance companies having a reputation for cumbersome sign-up processes and longer claim handling times, InsurTech companies like EIP play a significant role in helping to transform the insurance industry, while delivering a vastly improved customer experience.

Digital transformation however, does not only benefit the end customer. Traditional insurance companies, that scale with InsurTech will benefit from driving higher margins, more efficient operations and increased competitive advantage.


Read the full report on Business Reporter

If you would like to find out more on the future of insurance, head over to Business Reporter where Ross shares his thoughts on:

  1. Why insurers are not uniquely at fault for the negative customer perceptions of insurance
  2. Why insurance companies need to break with traditional approaches towards pricing
  3. What EIP have done to give end customers an all-round better experience
  4. Why insurers, who embrace technology designed from ‘the customer up’, will succeed


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