Information Security Statement

Last Updated: – 30th January 2023

The EIP group of companies has established an Information Security Policy which supports the aims of the business and is committed to maintaining and improving information security within the company and reducing its exposure to all risks.

Our scope.

Software as a Service “SaaS” for mobile device insurance

Our policy follows.

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the EIP group and customers information, including the protection of that information against unauthorized access.
  • Maintaining the integrity of all information and ensuring the availability of that information as required
  • Provide information security training and awareness to all employees.
  • Meet all regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Ensuring that breaches of information security, actual or suspected will be reported to the Chief Information Security Officer for review and opportunities taken to improve the system as identified.
  • Communicate this policy statement both internally and externally on request.
  • Ensure the continual improvement of our ISMS, following best practices of ongoing management reviews, risk assessments and regular internal/external audits.
  • Ensure the ISMS applies to all contractors, employees of the EIP group and companies that are engaged to work on behalf of VirtualSystems Limited
  • Adhere to the requirements of ISO 27001

We have set objectives based on the above principles, which are regularly monitored by management and updated where necessary.

This policy is subject to a regular review by the management of the EIP group and amended as necessary to ensure that it continues to be appropriate to the needs of the business, while continuing to adhere to the ISO27001 standard.

Bernice Woolley

Managing Director