EIP Core: InsurTech platform enabling full scheme management

We empower your business to provide an end-to-end insurance service to your customers

Our EIP Core SaaS brings the complete insurance scheme management under a single platform. Scroll down to explore the features and benefits of our InsurTech platform.

EIP Core - InsurTech platform

Our innovative InsurTech platform brings massive operational efficiencies, at speed

We easily integrate all partners and elements of the device insurance ‘ecosystem’ under a single platform to drive your efficiency and profitability. See the EIP Core platform features.

Key benefits of EIP Core’s InsurTech & SaaS solutions

End-to-end Management | EIP | Insurance solutions
End-to-end Management

Our SaaS insurance platform enables you to manage your pricing, products, claims administration and logistics for better operational control and increased profitability.

Real-time performance reporting | EIP Core
Real-time performance reporting

Make better and faster decisions with our real-time data and analytics and vastly improve your competitive edge.

Automated claims decisioning | EIP Core | InsurTech solutions
Automated claims decisioning

Give your customers the quick and easy claims experience they want whilst also lowering your administration costs.

Fraud management and control | Market-leading AI software | EIP
Fraud management and control

With our market-leading AI software, our InsurTech platform can detect, manage and adapt to potential fraud risks, immediately.

Payments | EIP Core payment transactions integration | InsurTech Solutions

EIP Core can handle all of your customer payment transactions or integrate with your existing payment systems.

InsurTech platform deployment in 90 days - EIP Core

InsurTech platform deployment and stress-free integration

We provide easy API integration with your current partners which allows us to typically deploy our InsurTech platform in just 90 days.

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